My Story

About Me 1

With over 10 years in SEO and internet marketing i’ve had the pleasure of working agency side for 8 and a half years and in-house for nearly 2.

I grew from a very high-pressure environment with over 30 clients at a time – turning out audits and recommendations all day.

To a senior consultant that got under the hood of a business understanding the overall marketing mix and learn the value to true client relationships.

My Agency life finished as a head of department – managing an SEO team 8 people strong and directing the overall strategy of our offering.

Wanting to stay in touch with the application of SEO – I chose to move in-house where i’ve gained invaluable experience from being in the trenches – getting back to the execution and implementation side of advanced SEO Strategies.

Any SEO’s lifetime experience is unique

This melting pot of experience means I’m no stranger to the slickness of good agency customer services and delivery – but the empathy of knowing the inner cogs of in-house life.

Each business is unique but I’ve worked accross Ecom, Online travel agents, insurers and e-gaming. From different stages as a large enterpise business with established performance – to a brand new startup looking to emerge in a new market.

If you’ve read this far please do get in touch as you’re clearly serious about who you wish to work with.