Name: Simon Mickle

Occupation: SEO Strategist




Ramblings of an Inbound Marketer(SEO)

With 3 and a half years in SEO and internet marketing i’ve seen a variety of changes within the search industry. SEO has evolved much further than on-page and off page.

New names for the industry and how it’s evolved have been mused by those in the industry. Typically one that resonates the most with me is an Inbound Marketer.  Someone who influences all your organic marketing efforts. The medium between all channels and the perspective of all Technical and content strategies related to your business. The Inbound Marketer is one that understands and leverage’s user behaviour throughout the conversion process.

 Side Projects:

As an internet marketer who works regularly with copywriters I figured I could best utilise my technical and marketing abilities to create platforms for them to have a voice of their specific interests. Over time they’ve dwindled and life takes over but the importance and learning achieved from these projects are paramount.

Current Projects:

20SomethingBlog –

Dormant Projects:

Not Actual Game Footage –

Sporting Opinion –